Zishy – Leisel Bonnke – Prefers Film

Zishy – Leisel Bonnke – Prefers Film
Zishy - Leisel Bonnke - Prefers Film sexy girls image jav
Model: Leisel Bonnke
Released Date: August 30, 2016
Size: 23 MB
Quality: 40 photos at 1920 Px
Description: Leisel Bonnke is a dreamer. She finds fulfillment in capturing human beauty with cameras. How silly. How just like me she is. But there is one thing Leisel and I disagree on. She feels that film, as a medium, remains superior to digital imaging. I appreciate both, but give me digital any day of the week. If the only option was film, Zishy would not exist. It is similar to how it took cars and planes to create the Internet. Try to imagine building a global network of cables only using horseback transportation. It wouldn’t happen. Leisel, you look amazing on my ‘inferior’ digital camera. Come to the dark side.
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